Force Multipliers - how Mozilla engages and wins despite the odds

Tue, Jan 3rd, 2012 | Tags: mozilla firefox force multipliers webFWD

A contradiction in terms — Mozilla a non-for-profit, with less than 600 paid staff, but with a product that celebrates 450+ million Firefox users served in more than 80 languages. 

Operating in a highly competitive environment, with significantly lower marketing budgets and people resources will sound familiar to many small and large businesses alike. So how do you compete and win? Its always been this way at Mozilla — but despite the odds in the very beginning and continuing today (with even more competition I might add) we continue to defy belief in terms of market-share and impact.

How is this possible?

We’ve built an incredibly strong product, community and brand foundation, and on top of that there are 3 areas in User Engagement which allow us to significantly have impact:

1. Direct relationships with our users
2. A loyal and passionate community of advocates
3. Partners who want to delight and tell our story

I recently gave a first talk about how Mozilla is able to compete using these force multipliers to the WebFWD teams, describing no matter what size or scale of operation you have; you can attempt to do the impossible by focusing on: Engagement, Participation and Partnering.

Here’s the deck (note: there are a lot of visuals, and not much context - I’ll be writing more detail about these force multiplying factors in future posts).

Force Multiplier Marketing
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