"To pin, or not to pin…"

Tue, Mar 13th, 2012 | Tags: image first pin pinterest mozilla marketing social

So to ‘pin’ is the new like. Suddenly it seems that to ‘pin’ is everywhere. ‘Pin’ was mentioned in three separate meetings I had last week in varying forms. We’re not just talking ‘Pinterest’ here, but pinning: websites, apps, new stories and even restaurants. I even caught myself saying it in conversation today on a completely unrelated topic!

And on that note, I’m somewhat afraid that we’re about to see a slew of niche Pinterest style sites that will truly only exist to be (i) an immense distraction of time for their fans, and (ii) yet another burden on marketeers constantly battling to keep up with the latest vogue of social expression.

The bigger interesting trend I see though with this type of engagement, is yet another step toward images taking center stage with minimal amounts of text waiting in the wings. Be it Facebook’s new timeline view, MSN Now, or Pinterest itself - the direction is (what I am calling…) ‘image first’ followed by the slightest amount of written word - usually headline grabbing and that’s enough.

It’s a demand of our busy social generation who only create/consume/interact with information in smaller and smaller bite size pieces. The old adage a ‘picture speaks a thousand words’ is so true, and our hunger for images has never been stronger. Thanks to the likes of Instagram (with its $500 million valuation) everyone can take and post an artful picture within a few moments. I do it myself, and love it.

As a creative and visually driven person, I guess I should be happy that the Web is becoming more colorful. And in a way I am. I’m also concerned (warning old person thinking here) for the future of long form expression. And how images without context can alarm, manipulate, confuse and much more.

Lets keep enjoying this visual goodness… but please don’t forget to read!

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