Being authentic and social comes naturally

Wed, Mar 21st, 2012 | Tags: mozilla social authentic communications

Yesterday I had a great conversation with someone who is looking to move into social engagement; marketing that makes a difference with more human interaction. We talked about building a strong loyal user base via social, and how passionate users can encourage others. Participation, Engagement, Human were the words that kept coming up time and time again by both sides throughout the meeting.

Mozilla has been doing this since it began — and whilst we have implemented clear strategies around the Mozilla mission, IMHO it struck me that our mission, and non-profit nature drew us naturally into the social sphere with good honest interaction and communication. With no motivation other than to make the web better, we embodied and embraced the evolution of the web as the place to create, to participate and to connect (and heck — we’ve done an awful lot to create that space too!).

Social is now a massive part of our communication strategy, it still permeates through all areas of our organization — and we’re still having those honest and authentic conversations. (See my post from late last year on our user social strategy).

Social tools have gotten more sophisticated, and the world has adopted them — and for Mozilla good honest communication with real people will never go away.

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