How Mozilla Firefox engages fans every day on Facebook

Tue, Apr 10th, 2012 | Tags: mozilla firefox social media Brand Advocacy share content

Many people commented on my last post about growing and nurturing brand advocates on Facebook. You asked, so how are you really doing that? Here are a few simple ways based on how we engage fans every day at Mozilla:

# 1. Vary your Facebook content. Think carefully about your content strategy and how posts effective each other. At Mozilla we try to plan 7-14 days out (and many months longer for big campaigns / announcements). We keep a balance of 1/3 product news, 1/3 tips and tricks, and 1/3 just plain-old-engaging-fun. This variety allows us to communicate broadly. We’re conscious not to be narcissistic only giving our own news when necessary, and focusing on what will be of value to the reader.

# 2. Allow users to create content. We very often ask the opinion of our fans, and then post those comments, questions, photos. We have a ‘fan of the week’. It’s a demonstration of who we are, and how we authentically communicate.

# 3. Think Share. Back to content strategy. You may well be creating interesting content. But ask yourself, will someone want to share it, like it, comment upon it? Alter your content strategy, write a post in a way that will generate engagement. Ask more questions, ask your fans to ‘like’ and ‘share’.

# 4. Give back. You cant always take (see #1). Content should be a balance. Sharing should feel fun and engaging to the user - it shouldn’t feel forced. Don’t ‘market’ to your fans - talk to them. Treat them as friends (remember that’s what you do on Facebook!).

The value of Facebook is huge, the potential to amplify ones message is massive, and yet every day brands are failing to treat their fans as citizens and only wanting to push their products. Communicating regularly in channel in a way which is balanced and authentic will lead to your brand being talked about for the long term.

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