Don’t start engaging on a new social network before you do these 2 things!

Fri, Apr 13th, 2012 | Tags: Marketing Profs marketing media social

Dave Cutler at MarketingProfs wrote this great piece on "Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore (Insert Name of Shiny New Social Media Platform Here)".

I humbly disagreed in a comment on the blog - as I believe the latest shiny social network for businesses and orgs should not always be followed or even experimented without *first* bearing these two things in mind:

# 1. Always consider what you expect to achieve from engaging on a social network. Is it for brand building, user engagement, driving leads or customer support etc?
Different social networks are often better suited to different types of engagement e.g. Facebook for user engagement, twitter for influencers and customer support, Linked In for B2B and Pinterest for media / e-commerce.

Try to understand this network first and research whether its going to be worth your while. Don’t just do it because you think everyone else is!

# 2. Ask yourself how much time and resource do you have to grow, nurture and manage a social network, or multiple social networks? It takes a considerable amount of time to make social media work, and by adding more and more networks the work load can vastly increase.

Experimentation is good, but also think for the mid-term. How will I manage, how will I spread my time? You can’t ask someone for dinner and not give them something to eat (I love saying this!). Engaging socially takes time no matter what people say.

The advice Dave gave in his article is super – but I would always remind you to (i) understand what you want / hope to achieve from social media and (ii) how much extra time you have to commit if the social network does take off. Otherwise, you might have the situation where you are on every social network out there, however, none of them are really working!

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