270,000 New Direct Relationships Every Week for Firefox

Tue, May 22nd, 2012 | Tags: mozilla firefox engagement marketing communications community

This week the User Engagement and User Volunteer Community teams reached a significant milestone — we passed 15 million direct relationships for Mozilla Firefox.

It’s hard to believe that only a year ago, across all our user communication channels - we were talking in English only to around 4 million people. Today, more than five and half million people receive our monthly email newsletter in five languages; localized by our volunteer community team (with more on the way). And ten million other fans/followers are actively engaged in social (Facebook and Twitter) on a daily/weekly basis; sharing and liking our content throughout the world.

The trajectory has been amazing. Our average sign up rate for email last week was around 185,000 newsletter new subscribers, and around 95,000 new weekly fans for Facebook. That’s incredible growth!

We continue to drive these large growth numbers, however, engaging with our users in channel is the most important role of our team, and whereby we create force multipliers for reach and amplification of our brand. No matter how big your communication channel, if you’re not communicating effectively or maximizing your opportunities - it’s a wasted chance.

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