Why Don’t Companies Invest More in Former Paid Staff?

Tue, Oct 16th, 2012 | Tags: alumni employees employer talent engagement brand

Happy former employees will: continue to recommend the brand they helped build, be avid product users, refer talent, propose buisness partnerships, share knowledge — and might even come back as a ‘re-hire’.

So why are there so few organizations with strong alumni programs? In reality most have no alumni program at all.

With both mutual parties having invested so much time, energy and success together - it’s mind blowing that when the last pay check hits the mat (or in box), all ties are virtually severed.

My research does indicate a growing desire for corporate People departments to connect and reconnect with their staffers. However, third-party alumni software is expensive and cumbersome, in-house solutions are hard to build and maintain, and very few C-levels currently see the benefit of investing beyond payroll.

After several dozen interviews I found former employees still wanting to hear news from their former employer, wanting to be able to re-connect with work colleagues and importantly still vested in the company’s success.

So the future? I believe a cheaper, simpler and more powerful and customizable alumni solution is possible. And with direct tangile benefits for companies and their former staff — C-level attitudes will soon be changing.

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