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Fri, Nov 16th, 2012 | Tags: EIR astia entrepreneur firefox

[I wrote this post at the end of Oct 2012 — it’s taken me until now to decide to post to the world!]

Funny that back at the end of September when I left Mozilla I wasnt really wasnt ready to tell the world that I was moving on. When I made the decision to leave after five full and rewarding years it felt right, tough, but right. However, in my last week all the wonderful memories and all the awesome people I got to work and volunteer with made leaving - hard.

That was 4 weeks ago now, and things are getting a little easier. People say it’s always the people, and yes they are right; but I hadnt realized it would be the smallest and most seemingly invisible things that I would miss. Like bright smiling faces in the early morning (one in particular), and the tremendous love that washed over me on a daily basis, without me even realizing.

That first month was about finding closure, and also celebrating my accomplishments: Starting the European marketing function, building a 20 million strong Firefox user community base, and leading a fantastically smart and humble team of staff and volunteers.


Upon deciding to leave Mozilla to find I was offered an amazing opportunity to join Astia as an ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’. Astia is the largest network of VC’s, Angels and C-Level professionals helping high growth companies led by women succeed. They are doing just tremendous work that I admire greatly. It was an honor to be invited.

Astia has so far been an amazing place for me to be an ‘EIR’. I’ve been privileged to attend their Pitch Day and the Global Entrepreneur Boot camp. And I’m thoroughly being stretched and enjoying my community strategy assignment. I’ve been able to spend quite a bit of time contemplating what’s important to me, what drives my passion and what doesn’t (!).


I know it’s around building and empowering communities. And now I’m working on what that translates into! Great times!

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