Community Hacks Meetup Event 12/12/12 - A Great Start!

Thu, Dec 13th, 2012 | Tags: community hacks mozilla social hackerdojo participation

Photo credit @juliechoi see more below

Last night was our first Community Hacks Meetup event held at the tremendous HackerDojo location in Mountain View,CA. It was an incredibly humbling experience to have around 30+ people come and find out what Community Hacks was all about.

And from the first moments, it was completely clear the people who came, whether they were building start-ups, driving forward open source robotics, or currently managing community for their company - the overriding expression of care for their people; their community was top of mind.

We came there to learn, to share and meet each other. In a sense we began creating our own community of community leaders, managers and engagers.

There were two fantastic guests speakers.

Emily Goligoski, Design and Community Lead for the Mozilla Open Badges Project on ‘Rewarding and Motivating Your Community’

Emily gave us not only a superb insight into how to use Mozilla Open Badges for our own communities, she also gave us many great examples of how Mozilla grow’s new communities, and shares responsibilities for feedback, and communication within Open Badges community.

Robyn Tippins, Community Expert, Co-Founder of Mariposa Interactive and Author of Community 101: How to Grow an Online Community gave her ‘Best Tips for Managing Community on the Edges. When Things Don’t Go as Planned.’

Robyn’s talk was great. Those horror stories always capture the imagination, as we all breathe a collective sigh of “…thank god that didn’t happen to me!”. Robyn really expressed that many problems can be prevented by simply building a strong, safe, transparent place for your community in the first place. And as a community manager, it is your job to build trust with your members. A key take-away for the room was to go home and write a Negativity Plan for that ‘just in case’: Marketing and PR disaster, the Produce/Service disaster, the Troll Attack, Demonstration by a Crowd and the incredibly unhappy, loud, inconsolable customer. Having a plan when the trouble comes is going to help a great deal. It’s also wise to circulate the plan with many people on your team, as all hands on deck might be needed.

After the talks, we each shared a little more about ourselves, and why Community Hacks was important for us. We spent the remainder of our time together chatting, and making new friends.

So what’s next? When’s the next Community Hacks Meetup?

People genuinely seemed excited to come to another event, so I’m busy working on plans for the next meetup in late January 2013. Community Manager Appreciation Day is Monday, January 28 2013, and it seems appropriate we might choose that day to hold our next meetup.

I’m also carefully listening to the people who came about what topics are of interest so that we might cover those over subsequent meetups.

The group was engaging, inclusive, collaborative, safe — all the things I think we want for our own communities. It’s a great start!

Photo Credit: Thank you @juliechoi for the photo! - “Jane Finette- Astia EIR and founder of The Community Factor, hosting and moderating our first Community Hacks event”.

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