Meeting Seth Godin today, and lessons learned

Mon, Dec 17th, 2012 | Tags: seth godin community marketing lessons

Today was an exciting day. I got to meet a hero of mine.

Me and Seth Godin eating cookies at Grand Central Station, NY.

I first started reading Seth Godin’s books into 1999, when I was just starting out with internet marketing. He was one of the very few people who were writing on the subject. I would order his books on and have them shipped across the ocean to me. Amazon was not in the UK yet, how things have changed!

Seth’s books, words of wisdom, passion for creating tribes have inspired me, taught me and more often than not, had me stop and question the why.

If you are building a business, or a community I really encourage to read his work, watch his TED talks — it’s some of the best advice around.

And on back of meeting Seth today - I have two lessons for you.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask.
I emailed Seth years ago now, it was out of the blue, a random solicitation. He emailed back, he answers all his own email. He makes time for his tribe. As you might be aware, I’m starting something new right now, and I wanted Seth’s advice. I emailed and asked if I could meet him. He said yes! I’ve also emailed 3 or 4 other folks, and they still havent replied. But Seth did.

If you want something, need advice, a contact - just ask. It’s worth trying and you’d be surprised how many people are very happy to help you. You’ll never know if you don’t act.

2. People mess up.
I thought I was meeting Seth at 11:30am tomorrow, imagine my horror when I check my email today at 11:50am to find a mail from Seth saying he’s waiting for me at agreed cafe. Yikes. I had the wrong day in my calendar! And I’d fluffed my chance to have 1:1 time with my hero. You can’t imagine my blind panic to have left him waiting around for me. After apologizing profusely, Seth agreed to squeeze me in later today. We still met, it was great. He’s a gentlemen and so incredibly knowledge.

A young man that @pfinette know’s more than I, started the “Super Hero Experiment a few weeks ago. Kevin Miller’s premise is “Life gives us problems to solve or opportunities to blame. It’s your choice”. I lived and breathed this today, as for 90 minutes I beat myself up over the calender mix-up I made.

Then I applied Kevin’s rules:

This human calendar malfunction and possible missed opportunity to meet Seth is good because… it showed I’m human, and it showed Seth was human — and a gentleman to still meet me.


This is great because… we formed a lovely bond, eating cookies at Grand Central like out of a movie, instead of like lots of other people doing meetings in coffee shops.

Then to finish it off…

That was awesome!

And it was. So (1) Ask - it will not do you harm and (2) Look for problems to solve and not blame. We’re all human!

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