2013 Will Ignite the Year of Community Participation

Fri, Dec 28th, 2012 | Tags: community participation second sight trend 2013 paradigm

My 2013 prediction was just published in Second Sight’s latest trend-watcher publication ‘2013 And Beyond - A Wise World Rising’.

The technology is here, Millennials are rising, and the World needs the power and passion of the crowd. I believe 2013 will be a pivotal year for participation.

We will see the voice and action of the individual rise, not only for what they passionately believe in (e.g. The 99%, Arab Spring, and Anti-Gun Lobby movements). But we will see a new generation demand to deeply ‘participate’ in and collaborate with the brands they love, and the products that they buy. From co-creating products, to shaping one’s own user experience - the future of business will involve participatory elements.

In my humble opinion, 2013 will not only be the year of participation, it will also kick off the decade of collaboration. I’m excited for the new year, and to help advance the participation paradigm.

The World get’s better when participation is allowed to happen, — and people participate.

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