The Power of Telling Your Story

Sat, Dec 29th, 2012 | Tags: story community word of mouth

How are you getting the word out about your Community? How do people know what you stand for? About the good things you are building, creating, changing?

I’ll make a good guess that you have a website, you are on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ ( …insert multiple other social sites here).

And, what happens when you meet face to face?

I’ll make another good guess that at this point, this is when your story becomes 1,000 times more appealing. Why? Because, it’s *you* telling it with all the passion in your heart, your eyes blazing, your hands wildly gesticulating as you share why you are different.

This beautiful act is where the magic happens. This is the infectious way your community will grow as your story is told again and again.

When I worked at eBay it was the magic of how we got started: Pierre Omidyar building eBay so his wife could buy and sell her Pez dispenser collection (pretty much a myth, but we believed it at the time!). At Sothebys, we talked about the sale of the infamous Monet missing Haystack painting that we sold at auction for $16M in 2001. At Mozilla, a tiny rag-tag distributed team who dreamt (…and still do) of an open particpatory Web fought against Microsoft to create Firefox - and changed everything.

People need stories to tell, to repeat, to share.

So think about how you tell you story, and how you want others to tell your story (read *their* story).

The magic happens when people talk.

I’d be delighted to hear your stories! Please share them with me, and in person when we meet next. Would be super to feature yours’ on my blog another time.

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