Be a Web Hero and help someone upgrade to Firefox 4 

Thu, May 5th, 2011 | Tags: mozilla firefox firefox 4 community web hero upgrade


Two weeks ago I wrote about one of our campaigns encouraging existing users of Firefox to upgrade to the latest and best version so far of Firefox — Firefox 4.

The first approach we took was aimed directly at Firefox 3.6 users, and asking them to upgrade based on certain web interests they may have (social networking, gaming, content streaming and more), and matching the benefits of using Firefox 4. The second approach we’re taking is motivating satisfied users of Firefox 4 to help someone in their network make that upgrade. We’re encouraging our community to become a “Web Hero” by finding someone in their family, at school, at work who is still browsing in the past and helping them get the latest and safest version of Firefox.

A specially designed landing page and Facebook tab have been created, providing helpful material for our web heroes to help others upgrade (PDFs and videos on how to install Firefox for a Mac or on Windows).

We’re encouraging people to share with their friends via their social networks (Facebook and Twitter), or to simply visit someone they care about and help them upgrade in person.

In the next two weeks, we’ll be building out the functionality of our custom Facebook Web Hero tab to include a share option that will give the possibility to earn a special badge for sharing with a friend.

Our loyal community often go to great lengths to help people upgrade and make sure they are on the safest and best version of Firefox. We’re hoping others will also help.

If you know someone still using an old browser, or older version of Firefox - be a Web Hero today and help them get a better experience of the Web.

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